Tiger - The Big Cat (Plexiglass)


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The perfect decoration for you!
Everyone is looking for the perfect addition to the decoration of the house or office. If it is then possible to find something that you really like and also have a stylish and modern look, then that is the perfect home decoration for you. A true fan of a particular subject will not hesitate for a moment to seize the unique opportunity to purchase these special plexiglass artwork. Stylish, original and for the ignorant it looks like a true work of art. The remarkable appearance will always create an inspiring feeling and is a real eye-catcher. Stand out from the crowd and everyone will be amazed by your unique home decoration!

Homage to classics and animals
Images of aminals such as lions and tigers have been appealing to everyone's imagination for years. In many modern interiors you can see scenes from these animals immortalized on plexiglass artwork or hung on the wall as a poster for decoration. Now not only images of other animals has been added, you can now also get this on high-quality plexiglass artwork.

Dimensions and colors

The plexiglass artworks can be ordered in the dimensions 30x20cm, 45x30cm, 60x40cm, 75x50cm and 90x60cm. There are scenes in black and white, specific color tones and in full color. You can also choose from photo images or unique artworks. Whatever you choose, it gives an extra dimension to any modern interior.

Unsatisfied? No problem!
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and want to offer everyone the perfect product and the best service. If a different size or variant is desired, this can be exchanged within 14 days. If the product is not entirely satisfactory, a refund of the purchase amount can be requested up to 14 days after receipt. This way we want to satisfy everyone!

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